About Me

Hello, everyone from around the world, my name is Desyra Noir and I am here to introduce you another piece of my art!

I was born and raised in Germany, in a small town, where I first set forth on my sexy adventure, to embrace my lust and my passion for pornography.

I like bringing something sexy to everything I do and everything that I see around me. I believe, there are few things that can not be exploited for something sexy. I have been in the porn industry for many years now, and I haven’t shied away from anything yet. I have seen action in all sorts of fetishes and all of my holes have been exercised well as I progressed on my journey. After many years of hardcore action and striptease, I have gained more experience than I can take account for, so I figured that it is time that I come up with something new and share my passion with the world. As I reached my more mature years and became a MILF, I started to focus more and more on my creative side and figured that there are few things that I couldn’t do to this body. So, up until this very day, I pass my time with doing the most hardcore, most explicit things to this pussy as I do my shows and show off to my fans.

I have many fetishes and I love to embrace each and every one of them. I have an incredible collection of leather, latex and PVC dresses and all sorts of naughty uniforms that fit into crazy fetishes. My toy collection is also huge! Even I have lost count of the many toys and sex machines that I have used and collected over the years. I still put each and every one of them to good use in every bit of my content, because these things never get old!

What you are about to see here is another piece in my line of sexy art. I have always been obsessed with pantyhose and stockings. I loved their soft, delicate touch as they rubbed against my skin and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. So it was time that I went to the extreme with this and covered my entire body with it. One of the finest MILF bodies, wrapped in a nylon suit from top to bottom! Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? I assure you, that from here on, the adventure just gets more and more exciting for me. I have a lot of fun with letting go and creating this content and I make sure that I keep dishing out the best with frequent updates!